Alestorm / Skálmöld / +supp. Voloh - Skalstorm Tour 2018

Datum: torek, 4.12.2018
Ura: 18:00
Kraj: Tvornica, Zagreb
Vstopnina: 140 / 170 KN
Organizator: IndiJanez
It's getting chilly on the North and Pirates Alestorm decided to conquer the South. Thirsty for blood and gold, they'll rob rich yachts across the Adriatic sea. They might warm up their fingers in Zagreb and practise paddling with all of us. Alestorm accompanied by another northern horde - Skalmöld from Island.
Local support: VOLOH (Cro, Rijeka)
Tickets: / 140 KN presale / 170 KN box office